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Resources & Referrals

I love editing fantasy and sci-fi novels, and do dabble in romance and YA as well; however, there are genres that I tend to avoid (for reasons) and my schedule does not always permit me to take on new clients. But do not despair! I have compiled a list of several editors, as well as persons and companies that provide other publishing services, to assist you in all aspects of your journey.

Editorial Services

Book Puma – Built by editors and authors, for authors, Book Puma offers very competitive rates for editing. They are willing to work with almost anyone’s request, and even work with the backlisted. I am on their team and as a staff editor and regularly perform sample edits for their clients. They also have an online platform, Book Puma Online, for editors and authors looking to grow their brand where you can view and record online classes to better serve you at your own pace. Check them out on Twitter @BookPuma!

Cheyenne Cautillo (aka Mademoiselle Edits) is a freelance English/French language editor who mostly edits non-fiction (e.g. essays, academic/professional applications, webpages, etc.) but also enjoys editing fiction (e.g. scripts, poems, short stories, book chapters, etc.). She has spent most of her education editing peers’ academic papers and providing copywriting/copyediting services to small businesses. She also has 2+ years’ experience in language tutoring for a variety of individuals — from elementary-level students, to newly immigrated Canadian residents, to staff at the University of Toronto. She’s currently working on a website, but for now you can check her out on Instagram or contact her by email at infomademoiselleedits@gmail.com!

Mackenzie Littledale – Mackenzie’s preferred genres to edit are women’s fiction, upmarket contemporary adult fiction, literary fiction, domestic suspense, some nonfiction, and short stories. Her reviews are excellent and you can see a sample of her developmental edits on her website.

Doris Siu – Doris has been editing print media since 2005 as the Chief Copy Editor for several environmental agencies. She is now the Chief Editor for a non-fiction book publishing company specializing in self-help books and works as the lead editor for an author services company. She works with non-fiction (e.g., memoirs, self-help, textbooks) and fiction (e.g., children’s books, short stories, romance, YA, poetry, thriller, mysteries). Doris is a bestselling self-published author who understands the challenges indie authors face in the publishing process. You can contact Doris on her website here.


Blue Handle Publishing – As a growing small press, Blue Handle can assist you on your journey, either through traditional or self- publishing. Their website has many resources to help you decide what your best option is, as well as classes to help you grow in your career as an author. I will be hosting a webinar with them soon; more details are on their website here. You can also follow them on Twitter @BHPubs.

Graphic Design


Ivan Zann – I first saw Ivan’s work on Twitter when Daniel Jones shared his book, Hydra’s Wake, on a Twitter #writerslift post. I was immediately struck by the cover art and felt compelled to look up the artist, which brought me to Ivan’s website. If I were to write a book, I’d probably hire him to do the cover.

Xungarro is another artist whose work I saw on Twitter. Based in Spain, his covers are edgy and, at times, a bit dark. Despite having a degree in fine arts and getting started as a photographer, he ended up working for nearly 15 years in TV broadcasting media, specializing in video editing and motion graphics. However, as a freelancer, he has always had the opportunity to be very close to his passion: graphic design and illustration. You can view his portfolio on Coroflot here.


Dewi Hargreaves – I came across Dewi on Twitter: @Dewiwrites. (Are you sensing a theme here?) He is an author and freelance illustrator who draws maps, usually to go in the front matter of books, but he has also created some for display. Dewi’s maps are clean and beautiful, and can be as simple or as detailed as you like! You can view his portfolio, along with rates and his usual process, on his website here.

Logo Design

Jek Ramos is a freelance logo designer from the Philippines, specializing in simple, minimal and modern logo design. I ran across one of Jek’s posts on Reddit and was very impressed by how clever some of the designs were! You can contact Jek out on IG here, on Dribble, or by email at jekramosdesign@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the entities listed (unless otherwise noted) and cannot guarantee the quality of their services.