Edits By Knight

Line Edit: "Time Sneak: Emergence"
By Edge O. Erin

     Time Sneak: Emergence is an intelligent (and funny!) science fiction thriller. With a witty, dry humor and an impressive collection of technical terms, it was engaging and had me giggling at more than a few points. At just under 50,000 words, it’s a bit shorter than most of the projects I’ve taken on, but it was something quite different that allowed me to stretch my editorial skills in a way I hadn’t previously had much chance to. I learned several new words (for example: tetrachromat) and had the opportunity to do some research on terms and phrases that are more often used in Canada vs. the US, as Edge lives in Nova Scotia.

     When Edge contacted me on Twitter (@EdgeOErin1) I was very excited because he was the first client I’d gotten outside of Upwork or Fiverr. That meant that my networking was, well, working! It also meant I needed to drum up a contract. I found a nice template from The Editors’ Association of Canada, and changed the relevant clauses to tailor it to our specific needs.

     When TS:E was published, it was my first mention in an actual, physical book! It’s a very cool feeling. Edge and I keep in contact and have worked together on another project of his, Odin’s Tillit, and I’m looking forward to working with him again. There are links to buy his books on both Amazon and Goodreads on Edge’s website here.